What does Gammy include in the baby announcement Stork yard sign rental?

The baby announcement rental fee includes delivery (see our Pricing page for details), set-up, and pick-up! The 6′ stork yard sign also includes a personalized keepsake bundle sign that will feature the baby’s first and middle name, date of birth, weight, and length. The keepsake bundle sign will remain with the parents after the stork sign is picked up.

What areas does Gammy deliver to?

Storks by Gammy proudly serves greater Port St. Lucie, Florida area including….
Saint Lucie County FL, Martin County FL, Indian River County FL, Port St Lucie FL, Pt St Lucie FL, PSL FL, Port Saint Lucie West FL, Port St. Lucie West FL, Pt St Lucie West FL, St. Lucie West FL, Saint Lucie West FL, PSLW FL, SLW FL, White City FL, Fort Pierce FL, Ft. Pierce FL, Tradition FL, Hutchinson Island FL, Jenson Beach FL, Stuart FL, Sewells Point FL, Palm City FL, Port Salerno FL, Pt. Salerno FL, Salerno FL, Vero Beach FL, Hobe Sound FL, Jupiter FL, Tequesta FL, Indiantown FL, Juno Beach FL, Lakewood Park FL, River Park FL, Collins Park Estates FL, Carlton FL, Cortez Estates FL, Ankona FL, Glidden FL, Walton FL, Anglesvillas FL, Sunland Gardens FL, Paradise Park FL, Harmony Heights FL, Cana FL, Arundel FL, Jupiter Island FL, North River Shore FL, Ocean Breeze Park FL, William Field FL, Port Mayaca FL
*Please call us if you do not see your City listed and we will try to accommodate your request

Are there delivery fees?

If the delivery address is more than 15 miles away from Storks by Gammys home base location in Port St. Lucie, Florida, then additional delivery fees will apply.
If 16-30 miles from Storks by Gammy, there is a delivery fee of $15.00.
If 30+ miles from Storks by Gammy, please call Gammy for a quote.

How soon should the order be placed?

Gammy is waiting to hear from you! Call, text or email, when the baby arrives! Poppy and Gammy will make every effort to have your lawn Stork placed before your baby arrives home! When shipping a Door/Window Bundle Gammy will ship within 24 hours of receiving all of the information for the bundle, so that the proud parents or grandparents will have the Bundle quickly to enjoy!

What information do I need when placing my order?

Storks by Gammy will need the following information: Correct spelling of baby’s first and middle name, date of birth, weight and length. Correct spelling of siblings names for sibling stars or clouds! Gammy also requires the parents names, delivery address, phone number and if there is a sprinkler system in the yard. Gate code if it is a gated community.

Does Gammy offer multiple stork yard signs for twins?

Yes! Storks by Gammy will set-up a stork lawn sign for each baby. The first birth announcement sign is priced at our “New Baby” rate and each additional yard sign is discounted. Each sign will include a personalized keepsake bundle sign (one for each baby) and these will remain with the parents at the end of the rental period! The Baby Bundle is a beautiful addition to the new babies nursery!

Do you have anything for the new Big Brother or Big Sister?

Yes! Gammy offers a Sibling Star or Cloud Sign, which is a great way to include Big Brother or Big Sister. Below are some great examples to choose from:
Sibling name is the Proud Big Brother or Sister!
Sibling name is promoted to Big Brother or Sister!
Sibling name welcomes home Baby Name!
Sibling Star signs are offered at $20.00 each and can be ordered at the same time as the birth announcement rental. The Sibling Star will remain with the proud parents when the stork yard sign is picked up.

Does Storks by Gammy offer services for the grandparents?

You bettcha! Storks by Gammy yard signs can be ordered for proud grandparents as well. The rental price is offered at a discount if ordered at the same time as the “New Baby” yard sign. The Grandparent’s sign bundle will say “It’s a Grandson!” or “It’s a Granddaughter!” and will not remain with the grandparents after the rental period. If the grandparents would like a personalized keepsake bundle sign to keep after the rental period, it can be purchased for $20.00. The personalized sign will include baby’s first and middle name and date of birth. All Gammys and Poppys would love a Stork by Gammy!

Can I rent a Stork yard sign for my Baby Shower?

Gammy rents stork yard signs for your baby showers. The rental period is for one day and the price is $60. 00. The Baby Shower Sign bundle will state “Baby Shower Here” and will not remain with the mom to be after the rental period. If you would like Gammy to make a personalized keepsake bundle sign to keep after the rental period, this can be purchased for $20.00. The keepsake bundle is personalized with mom’s name and baby’s due date. The Baby Shower Stork will be set up 2 hours before your Shower and taken down 2 hours after your Shower.

Having a Girl? Or is it Boy? Having a Gender Reveal party?

Finding out the gender of your baby is certainly an exciting part of your pregnancy! Rent a Stork yard sign to help you announce if it’s a Boy or Girl. The rental period is for one day and the price is $60.00. The Gender Reveal sign bundle will state, “It’s a Girl” or “It’s a Boy” and will not remain with the expectant mom after the rental period. If you would like a personalized Keepsake Bundle Sign to keep after the rental period, this can be purchased for $20.00. Gammy will set up your Gender Reveal Stork 2 hours before your Gender Reveal party and taken down 2 hours after your party.

If I order this as a gift for a family, how will they know whom it came from?

Storks by Gammy yard sign birth announcements will include a card with your personal message for the new parents or grandparents. We will leave this at the front door when delivering the sign.

Where will you leave the personalized keepsake sign after removing the stork yard sign?

Gammy will leave the personalized keepsake sign on the front door in one of our Storks by Gammy bags. Respectfully, we will not ring the doorbell or knock on the door in case mommy and baby are sleeping. If you prefer other arrangements, then please let us know when placing the order.

What happens if no one is home when the Storks by Gammy makes its delivery?

No problem! There is no need to have someone at home for the stork delivery. If you have a special area in mind on where to place the stork please notify us during the reservation process. We will be happy to try to place the lawn sign where you would like!

Can my yard be mowed while renting a Storks by Gammy sign?

Please keep in mind if you need to mow your yard during the stork rental period to avoid trimming too close to the base of the stork, weed whacking or using a blower around it; this will damage the stork! We truly appreciate you helping us take care of the storks so others can share the same joyful experience.

Can I change the location of the Stork sign?

No. Please do not attempt to move the Stork by Gammy. We suggest that you have a designated area in mind during the reservation to place the stork. If it is necessary to move the stork please call us and we will move it for you for a small fee.

What happens if the Stork sign gets damaged?

Our yard signs are long lasting. Please do not attach anything to the sign, including balloons! When a balloon pops the sun will melt the latex onto the sign and this will cause permanent damage. If you do notice any damage to the stork sign please notify Gammy immediately. For the safety of your child, please do not allow them to play on or near the sign. The Stork Signs are not designed for children climbing on them. Storks by Gammy is not responsible for any injuries due to children playing on the stork yard sign.

How do I pay for my Stork by Gammy rental?

Gammy is happy to accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. All transactions are completed by phone or through email correspondence. Full payment must be received prior to delivery.

* Please note…Homeowners will be responsible for payment of any damage caused to the Storks by Gammy yard sign by moving the sign, lawn mowers, weed eaters, or by attaching balloons. Thank you so much for taking good care of our beautiful Stork signs, we greatly appreciate your consideration and cooperation.